How to Install WordPress using cPanel WordPress Toolkit

WordPress Toolkit: What is it?

Manage your WordPress websites with ease thanks to the control panel’s wealth of features. The WordPress Toolkit contains all the resources you require.

Using WordPress Toolkit and WordPress together

One of the programmes that benefits from being readily controlled by WordPress Toolkit is WordPress. It has the ability to install, update, stage, and clone your WordPress installations from the very beginning of your website projects.

A website’s development and maintenance should never take place in a real-world setting. Your website may experience unneeded downtime as a result of a plugin update, an open PHP connection, or an old file version that was uploaded.

You can update and test new plugins, experiment with new designs and layouts, and resolve any bugs or issues by using a staging site provided by WordPress Toolkit.

Installing WordPress

We’ll walk you through a brand-new WordPress installation using cPanel and the WordPress Toolkit in this section.

Choose WordPress Toolkit from the applications section of cPanel.

In the WordPress Toolkit dashboard, select ‘Install’.

You’ll be able to configure your new WordPress installation in the following section.


  1. Enter your domain name
  2. Enter a sub directory if needed
  3. Enter your admin username
  4. Generate a password
  5. Enter your email address
  6. Enter your database name
  7. Enter a table prefix if needed
  8. Enter your database user name
  9. Generate a database user password
  10. Once complete, click ‘Install’

WordPress installation complete

Your WordPress website is now all set up and ready to go!

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