Things you need to Register your Limited Company in UK

Many people things that it’s really difficult to register your company in the United Kingdom. But they’re wrong. Yes, it’s true. Today I’m explaining every single step you need to do this from my experience.

Major Benefits to registering your Company/Business in UK:

  • If you are taking payments from your customers then you can use Stripe and Paypal services. Which are not allowed in most countries.
  • You can do business on Amazon and other big companies without any hassle.
  • You can get more sales with credibility increasing.
  • You can take tax advantages
  • The company has its own legal personality
  • Ability to issue shares to raise capital
  • Benefits to pensions

Things you need to register your Limited Company in UK

I’m sharing this list step by step you will need.

  1. You need a UK Mobile Number. You can get it from Vyke Mobile App. This will cost you around $3.99 per month or $14.99 per year.
  2. Then you need to Business Address in UK. I can recommend you to get it from
    They have good plans. And they’re also offering FREE Limited Company Formation Option with a Business Address Package. You can choose the Registered Office + Director Service Address package which costs £49.99 +VAT per year but you’ll get a 10% discount on new signup.

That’s it! You will get your Limited Company registered in 24 to 36 hours only.
If you’re interested to use Paypal or Stripe then I’ll suggest you use a UK VPS to signup for Paypal and Stripe because you need a UK IP address to use Stripe and Paypal.

HostWorld.UK has more reliable and cheap UK VPS packages.

If you’re from Pakistan, you will have to spend around PKR 30-35k. It’s really easy. You can do it by yourself.

Q: If I register a company in the UK and get payments in Paypal or Stripe then how I can withdraw my money in Pakistan?
A: It’s not a hard case. You can signup with and they will provide you free UK Bank account. You can link that bank with your Stripe and Paypal account. When you will receive the money in Wise, you can add your Pakistani bank account with Wise and can withdraw your money.

If you have any confusion then do comment below, I’ll respond to you back very soon. 🙂

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